3rd Annual Lifestyle &
 Functional Medicine Conference
"The Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Conference of the Year"

From Prevention to Practice
Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Approach

Nov 2nd, 3rd 2018
Galway, Ireland 
The Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Conference is an international event bringing together visionaries and leaders that positively impact the future of the our health and our environment.  

The event pivots around how we as an individual can support our health goals with nutrition and lifestyle, moving away from a pill for every ill. Rather than focusing on disease our vision is on prevention and early detection. Getting healthy is a community effort and we all have different experiences, trainings and skillsets.

It is a unique event in that we welcome innovators to share their research on the future trends globally in technology, health, medicine, environment! 2017, we opened up a session to members of the public. Where the public learned more about the choosing wisely when it comes to prevention for cardiovascular disease, the principles of the functional medicine model and also what the future holds in terms of sustainability, the microbiome,  oxygen, our planet, healthcare 2.0, mental imagery, driverless cars and more.

Our mission as a conference is using empowerment and community to shape our personal health and the health of our community. Changing habits is not easy, yet with the right support, inner knowing and scientific research, makes it possible! 

See you in Galway, 2018.

 - Maev Creaven, director, FMC 
2017 Functional Medicine Conference Ltd
 FMC is an educational event.